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Supplement Your Income

A reverse Mortgage is a tax-free solution and a great way to supplement your income. You will always maintain ownership of your home and only have to pay back the funds when you decide to sell your home. Contact us to see if a Reverse Mortgage is a good solution for you.

Enjoy Retirement

Do you love to travel? Book your dream vacation, visit family and friends, take special interest courses, improve your health and reduce stress. You can use the funds however you want! Stop thinking and start living.

My Reverse Mortgage really helped me to get work done in my home that I couldn’t afford in other ways I do plan to stay in my home .. The team were amazing and SO helpful for my situation.
CHIP Canada Client

Pay off Debt or Invest

Control your monthly expenses by paying off debt or investing in income producing assets. A Reverse Mortgage can be taken out on a variety of home types, for example: condos, homes, and cottages. Access up to 55% of your homes value.

Help Family

You can help family and grandchildren with education expenses or home ownership. A Reverse Mortgage has no regular mortgage payments. Receive your tax-free cash on your own terms. Over time or all at once.

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Start Enjoying Your Retirement with a Canada Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage is a widely emerging option for people who are 55 years and older and have own their home. Canada reverse mortgages simply consider the equity of the property owned by the borrower. This allows the borrower to get debt-free … Read More

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Unlock your home’s equity with CHIP

CHIP Home Income Plan, is Canada’s only provider of reverse mortgages in Canada for seniors. With over 26 years as Canada’s only reverse mortgage lender, CHIP has grown to be a trusted partner with Canadians and all major Canadian Banks. … Read More

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CHIP Home Income Plan interest may be tax-deductible

Deducting the CHIP Home Income Plan interest can offset the income earned by non-registered investments, providing tax-efficient income. How? Your CHIP Annual Statement clearly indicates the amount of interest you have been charged and that may be eligible as a … Read More

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Our Commitment to You

We've helped thousands of Canadians improve their lives! We are committed to helping you find the best solution for your needs. Embrace the power of knowledge. Contact us for more information. This may be the best decision you will make!

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What Our Clients are Saying

“Thank goodness we found out about CHIP. Now we don’t have to worry amount making monthly payments anymore and we can stay in our family home for as long as we want.”
Monica L.
CHIP Canada Client
“Our Mom was in need of in-home health care which would have cost my brother and I $30,000 per year. She did not want to move nor go into a nursing home and wanted to spend the rest of her life in the family home. CHIP was a perfect solution for us. We used the equity from our Mom’s home and because there are no payments required, we were able to help our Mother without financial impact to our own families.”
Gerald and Tom G.
CHIP Canada Client
Get the Information you need to start enjoying your Retirement!